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We’re Exact Marketing. And this is how we work.


Over years of industry experience, we have developed a methodology which is logical and can be applied to all projects regardless of size, complexity or purpose.

Each project has an accompanying Project Plan. Phases of the process are as follows:

  • Assess ** – your objectives, the opportunities, any restrictions
  • Define ** – details of the deliverables
  • Design ** – creative options
  • Develop ** – the solution
  • Launch ** – and let the whole world know!
  • Measure * – against your objectives
  • Improve * – performance

** Print & Web  //  * Web only

Within each phase clients have the opportunity to feedback comments through the following cycle:

  • Present
  • Review
  • Comment
  • Refine
  • Review
  • Approve

For design work, which is often subjective, we typically work within a framework of first draft, second draft, final draft and sign-off.


Project management

Each project is supported with a Project Plan which details phases, activities, milestones, time scales and clarifies actions for all team members (including our clients team).

Performance testing

Websites are tested in current versions of Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.  Internet Explorer 9 users may receive a different yet appropriate experience. For mobile devices, we test in Safari and Chrome on iOS and Chrome and Firefox on Android.

Content management

Using our in-house Content Management System (ExactCMS) we will develop a bespoke system, tailored to your needs.

ExactCMS is based upon a PHP and MySQL platform, uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) programming methodology and is heavily Object Oriented (OOP). At it’s core ExactCMS is lightweight, fast, extensible, user and search engine friendly.

We have developed and maintain a range of plug-ins created for specific client needs, these features include blogs, contact forms, case studies, galleries, document portal and more. This approach allows us to extend the core functionality and through a continual testing and refinement process gives us a high degree of confidence in the stability and user-friendliness of ExactCMS.

User testing

During the Development phase you will have the opportunity to test all features of the website, log issues for investigation, review and discussion prior to bug fixing.

Web standards

We deliver responsive, standards compliant web pages developed from HTML5 markup, using a mixture of CSS2.1 + 3 style sheets for styling and JavaScript for feature detection and behaviours.


We are experienced in creating engaging yet logical and usable websites and were involved in MyDonate being awarded AbilityNet Accreditation:


We are experienced in creating accessible websites which conform to DDA / WAI standards where required.

Integrated marketing, working for you

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level and looking for a partner with the necessary creative and technical skills to deliver, then contact Exact Marketing on 01302 365165.

We’re results focused, we want to work with you and help your business grow.

Some agencies talk a different language.

We’re not like that. We’re straight forward, honest and care about the same things you do. We’re results focused, we want to work with you and help your business grow.

Let’s talk. A conversation about you, not us.

01302 365165

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