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What exactly are bespoke websites?

The scope of a bespoke website or web application is pretty much limitless, the term ‘bespoke website’ generally refers to some aspect (an online application) which requires development from the ground up and is specifically tailored to meet your needs. Over the years we have built various solutions for a range of clients including:

  • Intranets for secure, controlled use within an organisation
  • Extranets allowing controlled access for users, each with specific roles
  • Advanced content management system features and functions
  • Integrated 3rd party applications including payment gateways and social media tools
  • Integrated APIs such as booking engines

Benefits of bespoke website development

A well designed bespoke website or web application can demonstrate a business to be as professional and credible as its larger competitors.

We design and develop bespoke websites and web applications around the needs of your business and your users, whether they are internal administrators or external customers. This type of website development can be extremely complex, often being required to streamline a process or move an offline task online.

We believe that in order to develop a successful solution much more than technical expertise is required, often individuals with specialist skills such as usability and accessibility will add tremendous value with the results been of a much higher standard thanks to their expertise. The benefits to a business can be enormous.

How Exact Marketing can help

At Exact Marketing, we have years of experience working in this type of environment and as such focus on building tailored applications that provide real, measurable benefits which enable a business to be more productive, cost-efficient, timely, and competitive.

Take a look at the Flooring Assessments case study and how a bespoke website helped streamline their training business.

Making technology work for you

If you are ready to take your website to the next level and looking for a development partner with the necessary creative and technical skills to deliver, then contact Exact Marketing.

Interested?  Let’s chat…

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