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Why ‘organic search’ is key to success online

Google is responsible for around 90% of all UK search queries (desktop and mobile), so it’s easy to understand that if your website does not rank in Google and other search engines, you could be missing out on lots of business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of crafting your website to appear high in the search results. The higher your web pages rank, the more traffic they will generate and the more enquiries you will receive. Most business owners understand the importance of having a website that ranks well, but understanding the optimisation process, the do’s and don’t’s are often confusing, very time-consuming and seen as a ‘black art’.

Our SEO campaigns

Unlike Pay Per Click marketing which can generate instant traffic, an SEO campaign must be seen as a long-term, ongoing activity. The way search engines measure the authority of websites (the search engine algorithm) change constantly, which means adapting SEO campaigns to be sure you are sending out the right signals. Our SEO experts regularly use the following tactics to achieve high ranking results.

Keyword research & analysis

Understanding which keywords to target and that are appropriate for your business is crucial. This may sound obvious, but take into account their individual search volumes, competitiveness, achievability and your budget, and you may appreciate that it’s not quite that simple. We will help you understand the opportunities, discuss the pros, cons and produce an optimised content map which will document your long term keyword targets.


Your website architecture must be optimised in such a way that it supports your SEO campaign. This may involve restructuring the content of your website before looking at the various on-page elements such as metadata, URL’s, internal linking and so on.

Content marketing

After launch, we concentrate on positioning you, the business owner, as an authority in your industry. The aim being to produce an informative website that demonstrates your knowledge and builds links naturally, based on the quality and usefulness of what you have to offer.

Link building

Considered by many to still be the most important factor of any SEO campaign and done correctly, link building will deliver fantastic results. Our approach is to build links naturally from a range of sources including directories, blogs, niche websites and through channels including social media.


Tracking and analysis are vital to understanding the effects of your online marketing activities. Reporting not only keeps our clients up to date but also helps keep focus and momentum. We offer varying levels of monthly SEO reports tailored to your needs and preferences.

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