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The benefits of email marketing

For any business, results are all that matter and the value in building a mailing list is unquestionable. With all the hype surrounding social media it is easy to forget that for many people, email remains their primary method of communication.

While email marketing may not be a new channel, it offers the ability to generate a high return on investment due to the relatively low cost of set-up and distribution.

Using mobile phones and tablets, people now access email 24/7, why would any business ignore the opportunity email marketing presents?

Working with email marketing experts

When someone subscribes to your email newsletter it’s a huge sign of trust. Most people already receive too many emails, so the fact that they are requesting you to email them is a privilege not to be abused. That’s why it’s worth doing things correctly, a professionally designed email, carefully crafted with great content that drops into your inbox every so often is something to look forward to receiving. Exact Marketing will work with you and guide you through a long-term email marketing strategy, essentially looking at the following activities.


The acquisition of email addresses is the holy grail of email marketing and to start with you should focus on growing your list with quality subscribers. There are many techniques to do this and we will advise and make any necessary changes to your website to kick start your email campaign.


Once you have people signing up to receive your newsletter, the aim of the game is to keep them interested and take further actions. This means providing high-quality content which engages, inspires and converts to your chosen action. The art of writing compelling subject lines, headlines and copy within the email all play a part and affect opening rates, click-through rates and conversion rates.


Long term, you will want to grow the number of people subscribed to your mailing list and help spread the word about your products, services and special offers. Remember, you’re not just building a marketing channel when you build email lists, you are also adding to your company’s total value.

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