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Understanding your challenges

Following recent changes in legislation, colleges who have changed their legal status and become academies now enjoy a range of benefits, including control over their marketing activities. As more academies are formed and compete against each other for the attention of potential learner… how, where and when they communicate their messages is key.

For training providers dealing with large volumes of candidates daily, accessing up to date information is incredibly easily is hugely important for both the efficiency of their organisation and reporting. This is where online Customer Relationship Management software comes into its own and why those who are willing to invest and embrace these technologies can expect to see improvements in both efficiencies and sales.


Bespoke CRM systems which are specifically designed to make administration activities quick and easy are an incredibly effective way to streamline processes, saving time and therefore money. Cloud hosted CRMs, portals or extranets ensure that information can be access by employees 24/7 from any location with access to the internet. Couple this with an integrated marketing strategy and you have a recipe for success.

In 2000, only 12% of businesses used a cloud based CRM. In 2016 the use of CRM systems has increased significantly to a staggering 87%.

How we can help

We have experience designing and developing CRM systems and bespoke functional websites for clients in the training and education sector. With a combination of great customer satisfaction and demonstrable efficiency savings as a result of our work, Exact Marketing are clearly a partner to consider.

Some agencies talk a different language.

We’re not like that. We’re straight forward, honest and care about the same things you do. We’re results focused, we want to work with you and help your business grow.

Let’s talk. A conversation about you, not us.

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