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For many businesses, one of the biggest challenges is identifying exactly what customers want.

Think like a customer

Getting into the mind-set of customers can prove critical to your success, you can find out so much more about what they really think about your business and what they need from you by asking the right questions.

Try to get under the skin of your customers from the outset and try asking them and yourself the following questions to see where it leads you.

1. Identify their specific problems

You will more than likely have been approached because you offer a particular product or service, something for which your customer has identified a need.

But perhaps there’s a more complex underlying issue, the trick here is to ask very specific questions which dig much deeper and identify the root cause of their problem. Fix this and they’ll reward you with thier loyalty.

2. Reasons they are attracted to your business

It’s useful to understand why existing cutomers are attracted to your business, ask them what they like about you, what you do well and then shout about it. Afterall if something appeals to your current customers it will most definitely appeal to potential customers too.

3. Objections customers may have

Identifying any potential barriers customers may have, (e.g. affordability, quality, timescales) gives you an opportunity to have appropriate answers at the ready which is much better than being unprepared and caught off-guard.

4. Who will decide to use you or not

There’s often more than one person involved in the decision making process when customers are looking to buy products or services.

Try to find out from the outset who the individuals are and what their own specific concerns maybe so that you can prepare to rebut them.

5. What does success look like for them

A very important question and one that you should look for a very specific answer. There are hundreds of scenarios here depending upon your customers and the sectors you work in.

It’s really your chance to define very clear and specific objectives or even manage expectations, particularly if budgets or timescales are challenging.

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