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It’s still many people’s first port of call whenever they want to discover more about a company.

Yet many businesses fail to see its importance as part of their wider marketing strategy.

Whether you’re promoting products or services through social media, handing out business cards or even advertising on the side of a bus at some point potential customers will arrive at your website and there’s just no understating the impact a professional website can make.

The customer journey

The ways in which people can discover new companies has come a long way in recent years. Social media, for example, has had a significant influence on how consumers interact with and perceive brands, plus there’s search marketing to consider too. Every time someone adds a new connection on LinkedIn or clicks through to a blog post shared on a social media page, they’ll inevitably find themselves on the company’s website.

So no matter how an individual discovers a brand, they’re still keen to find out more from an authoritative source. This is where the official website comes into its own.

Why first impressions are everything

The design, content, features and functions of your website create the user experience which has significant impact on a person’s perception of a brand. Get it right and they’ll connect with you, get it wrong and you’ll never even get the opportunity.

You should see your website as your online shop front. It’s your opportunity to show what you’re made of and encourage potential customers to find out more. Make sure every aspect reflects what your business is all about and you can’t go far wrong.

Bear in mind that not only does your website need to be attractive and functional, but also mobile-friendly. Ofcom estimates that 61% of the population now use a mobile phone to access the internet – a statistic that no company can afford to ignore.

Free website health check

Is your website the best it can be? Not sure? Our health check will dig deep and find out.

Many business owners commission a website without really thinking about its purpose; once they have a website they’ll leave it alone for months or even years. We think that’s a waste! Every website has a job to do and our health check identifies aspects of your website which have room for improvement.

Why do we offer this for free?

It’s quick and easy for us to evaluate your website and share our knowledge. In return, all we ask is that you consider Exact Marketing next time you need help.

What’s included in our website health check

Our extensive review covers all the important aspects of any website, including:

  • Creative design
  • Content & imagery
  • Usability
  • Technical stuff
  • Its purpose

Your report will clearly show your website’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also include a summary which you can use to help take your website to the next level.

There’s no hard sell, we’ll probably contact you to make sure you understand our report, but we won’t email you relentlessly or hound you with endless phone calls – you have our word on that.

Request your FREE website health check

Simply call us on 01302 365165 to request your FREE website review.

Once we recieve your request, we’ll take a look at your website, complete our review and email you our findings. This process is usually quick, but during busy periods, this may take up to 5 working days.

Some agencies talk a different language.

We’re not like that. We’re straight forward, honest and care about the same things you do. We’re results focused, we want to work with you and help your business grow.

Let’s talk. A conversation about you, not us.

01302 365165

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