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About the project

The brief

Beta Technology, the company responsible for delivering and managing the Charles Hatchett Award on behalf of Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM) approached Exact Marketing with the prospect of modernising the website, both visually and technically.

How we helped

The objective was to produce a content-rich website that reflected the status of this prestigious award and which was mobile and user-friendly.

With numerous stakeholders involved in the UK and Brazil, project management and regular communication was paramount throughout the process. The various phases of the project included:

  • Re-defining the structure and content to be user-friendly
  • Wireframe diagrams depicting all page layouts
  • User interface design including desktop and mobile mockups
  • Technical development using ExactCMS
  • Content population and formatting
  • User acceptance testing

Features and functions of the website include:

  • Site search
  • Bespoke document Resource Library with filters
  • News and news alerts subscription
  • Inline pop-up videos

The result is a website which is engaging, visually appealing and easy to use. Powered by our own content management system, administrators can update content quickly and easily.

Perhaps most importantly, the website fully supports the requirements of both Beta Technology and CBMM, the Charles Hatchett Award sponsor.

We engaged with Exact Marketing as we had worked with them previously and needed someone we could trust to deliver success for our client.

The process of the re-design and build was seamless, they were a pleasure to work with and made the project fun too. They delivered to a deadline and were always on hand when we needed them. Even when we changed our minds about a fairly complex part of the website, they handled it with professionalism and with a smile.

The end result is a fresh, engaging website which is easy to navigate and looks good. The whole team at Beta was delighted and so was our client. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Exact and will use them again whenever we can.

Claire Webster

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