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About the project

The brief

As an established kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design and fitting company, Design Interiors of Yorkshire were keen to explore online marketing as a route to increasing footfall to their showroom and generating enquiries.

How we helped

Paid search marketing using Google Adwords offers the ability to reach out to customers within a very specific geographical range, deliver targetted traffic instantly, control budgets, provide detailed statistics and was, therefore, an obvious choice.

Design Interiors were particularly keen to monitor performance and compare this campaign against other more traditional marketing activities. Within a few months, the campaign produced results and the initial trail has become an ongoing means of advertising.

Our attention then turned to the user experience, we identified opportunities to make the website work harder, present the benefits of the products, services and make Design Interiors unique selling points much clearer.

Work to enhance their website and digital marketing includes:

  • Content creation
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Google Adwords campaign optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Seasonal sales & promotions

The team at Exact marketing have been instrumental in taking my online marketing to the next level.

From website user experience improvements and content creation to organic search engine optimisation and paid campaigns, they have delivered solid results.

Les Christie

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