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About the project

The brief

With extensive knowledge of his customers and a clear understanding of their online search behaviour, Stephen was keen for the mobile website experience to be top notch.

How we helped

In this particular industry, the volume of customers using a mobile device to find Stephens services is far higher than those using a desktop or laptop. Therefore, design for this website project began with mobile first. The tone of the content is as equally important and a question / answer approach was used to identify with people’s problems and circumstances.

Important features of the website include a blog to help expand the amount of content and a very comprehensive reviews system developed as an extension to our content management system. Other aspects of this project included:

  • Brand identity
  • Bespoke website design
  • Website development for the Reviews feature
  • Content writing
  • Search engine optimisation

The volume of enquiries generated each month from each website has quickly generated a return on investment.

If you are looking for a company to provide the full package of web design, branding, copywriting, SEO and PPC look no further.

Exact Marketing are able to carry out my requests and meet my requirements to a high standard.

Stephen Fretwell
Owner – uPVC Door Repairs

Some agencies talk a different language.

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